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A name given to a person or group of people who consider themselves rock climbers. Whether they climb professionally or for recreation, man or woman, they are all rock humpers.
This name was given to this unique group by me due to my inability to understand their passion for climbing on rocks. I believe that they like rocks more than people. They enjoy climbing so much that it seems only natural to suggest that they have a relationship with the rock that goes beyond the need to not only climb it but dominate it like a dog does another.
These unique individuals usually gather in groups weekly, humping man-made artificial indoor cliffs.
Can also be shortened to 'humpers' to dramatically increase the effect.
Me: "Hey Tucker, you goin' humpin' this weekend ?"
Them: "Hells yeah, you know it. We're humpin da shit out of the Red River Gorge."
Me: "Can you believe that they would rather go climbing than go to the best concert ever ? What a bunch of rock humpers."
My team: "Can you believe those humpers think they can beat us in football ?? I mean come on, you can hump yosemite but you can't catch or throw a pass !"
by bb0bbby February 29, 2008
having access to internets & not knowing how to do a damn thing with it.
Wendy has had access to the internet for over 5 years & she still doesn't know how to use facebook or myspace. She is so e-tarded.
by bb0bbby January 08, 2009
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