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When you are really really high, equal to the double rainbow guy.
Guy 1- "Dude I see leprechauns and elfs and dancing bunnies!"
Guy 2- "Wtf?"
Guy 3- "Oh hes just double rainbowed right now."
by bb+af July 20, 2010
1. The act of a larger person picking up a shorter person around the chest and spinning around
2. A really bad innuendo
1. Haha! Look at Joe giving that kid a rocketship ride over there!
2. Hey baby, wanna ride on my rocketship?
by bb+af June 14, 2010
Like a drunk dial, except calling someone when you're high
I should definitely stop stone calling girls and telling them how my dick is made out of concrete.
by bb+af October 06, 2011
An all-encompassing term for any boundary-crossing orgasmically good song or band. Used instead of the annoying practice of genre hairsplitting.
Bob- Cynic is fucking sick. What kind of band are they?
Jim- Jizz metal, don't worry about it.
by bb+af April 13, 2011
When you give your pubes an awesome mohawk, usually in the shower.
Would it too be weird if I posted the picture of my pubehawk online?
by bb+af October 31, 2011
After ripping an ass explosion, the small fart(s) that come after it. Can often be smellier than the big one.
Keith kept farting through the whole damn movie, but his asstershocks were worse.
by bb+af June 26, 2010
Kind of like drunk dialing, except you call someone while high.
Usually a bad idea.
Yeah I kind of stone called you.
by bb+af June 05, 2011
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