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2 definitions by baughan

Hevy petting combind with dry humping. Ya you RELLY want to go all the way, but you " have morals", or the parents are comeing home too soon. =o
we were haveing clothes sex then the door started to open, thank GOD i had my pants on.
by Baughan August 15, 2007
Wen one girl grabs another girls boobs, then there boobs are toch the other boobs, there for they are haveing "boob sex" whith eachothers boobs. Boob Aids is vary vary bad becouse the boobs turn purpleand blue, and thats just not good boobige. So... People , girls, please don't have Boob sex, Just hold you'r own!!
"Dude, I just saw some lesbian boob sex!!!"
by baughan August 31, 2007