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Once a penis becomes erect it is then a sexual instrument;boner
She was laying there waiting for my dogger to become a penile instrument so I could shank her.
by bastubes November 14, 2007
When the penis is actually sucked all the way inside the body and looks like the package of a k-9
Holly shit! That water in lake Huron is so fucking cold I just scored a major case of dog dick.
by bastubes November 14, 2007
The act of taking a dump, having a meal and catching a solid blow job all while sitting on the toilet.
It doesn't get any better than that man, I just had a triple action bathroom break at work. You know I caught A knob job from Tina and had a steak and baked potato all while releasing a turd.
by bastubes November 14, 2007
A flacid penis; a limp dick
We knew he was gay when he still had a dogger after she took his cock in her mouth.
Sorry babe but all that booze gave me a permanent dogger.

by bastubes November 14, 2007
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