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the art of stroking your moe with the hardcorest of moves whilst ur mate beatboxes some fine beats. first mastered by kyle in the early 2000's.
moe moe moe, let it grow, moe moe, dont shave it, boos boos, dont shave it, chicka boos, dont shave it off now.
by bashsilent.tk January 22, 2004
aka, hardcore or extream.
dude, did ya c that. that was calateral.

stop being so calateral. your scaring the chewbaccas.
by bashsilent.tk January 24, 2004
one who performs outragious and sometime life threatening feats of great bravery on film for the hope that maybe somewhere, somehow. someone will be possesed so far as to laugh at it.
hey, did u c seppi matrix the other day?
yer that guy is such a toss.
croc wrestling, blatant matrix rippoff creatively called (seppimatric), cavemanning. that guy is a legend.
wat has he bin smoking?
by bashsilent.tk January 22, 2004
one who resembles that of a rat. a cheeseeating fucking rodent whoz sole ambition in life is to make her it classes lives living hells. she likes assignments, homework, eating cheese, wagg the fatty fatty gorden donut eating lard arse. she posses a warddrobe filled only with ourdatted floral items.

favourtie pastime: programming is pascal and uploading it to her website made with html.
dude that bitch is such a munrat.

fuck stop sucking up to wagg, your such a munrat.

MUUUUUUUUNNNNNNRRRRRRAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT: you dont have to use html tonight. havent u herd of frontpage. u dumb stupid bitch. u suck.
by bashsilent.tk January 22, 2004
a retard i dont know. apperently hes a real retard.
dude, pull ur socks down ur such a lutkins.

look at that krippled richo, he cant walk. hes such a lutkin.

dude, look how high that dudes pants are, hes such a lutkins.
by bashsilent.tk January 22, 2004
a finely crafted nipple shaped ornement. carved from only the finest of woods from near and far off kingdoms. made famous by the ever evil woodnipple wilson and hes fable sidekick woodnipple walton - who rose to evil power in the early 2000's.
the front lines have broken. there forces are to strong. the era of woodnipple domination closes in on us with each speeding minute. if only the nija crime fighting manitees were here. if only we had hope.
by bashsilent.tk January 22, 2004
a child melestering, unliscenced completey retareded bus driver who only is a bus driver so he can look at little kiddies all day. he lives for the spilt second little children touch hes hand wen they give him the money. wat a bitch.
dude, whoz that syco with the triple tinted flip down sunnies. ah thats crazy eyes. wat a bitch.
by bashsilent.tk January 22, 2004

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