Top Definition
a fan of red vs blue , loud music and crazily stupid acts of moronic nature

may also perform such moronically stupid acts.
kyle, seppi asked why you put the fucking gerbil in the microwave. Your such a fucktard
by LeFunk December 28, 2004
A stunt performed by a awesome friend
Go and do a seppi, OMG thats was Like SO SEPPI
by MOMAN February 18, 2004
one who performs outragious and sometime life threatening feats of great bravery on film for the hope that maybe somewhere, somehow. someone will be possesed so far as to laugh at it.
hey, did u c seppi matrix the other day?
yer that guy is such a toss.
croc wrestling, blatant matrix rippoff creatively called (seppimatric), cavemanning. that guy is a legend.
wat has he bin smoking?
by January 22, 2004
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