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A pussy so amazingly good that it is reason enough to ignore the woman's flaws. Whether she is annoying, bitchy, boring, ugly, stupid, and crazy, a magic pussy is capable of making up for either or all of these flaws. It is the type of pussy that might belong to a woman who you dislike so much, yet can't get her wonderful pussy out of your head, and you will cry when you can't find another one just like it. =( I miss you so much magic pussy.
Me: Gawd, I hate that stupid bitch, I can't stand her, whenever she talks I just think of ways to kill myself or her. We have nothing in common, and paying for 2 movie tickets and a McDonald's meal seems to much money to spend on her.

Friend: Then why do you keep going out with her?

Me: Cuz she got the magic pussy.

Friend: So what, there are tons of other pussy out there.

Me: Are you stupid or something? I said she has the magic pussy. 'Nough said.
by bas7ard January 19, 2011

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