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nob all, meaning almost nothing or very little.
jesus, is that all that moulding costs a meter, it's nob all.

Dave took his car to be fixed, his mechanic told him it needed a new washer and bolt fitting, it would cost £12, Dave said "that's nob all, lets get it done"
by bartonscooter January 12, 2012
Let a situation develop. It is basically when some shit had gone down and no one is sure what to do, rather than debate what to do, you just let it develop. Given a bit of time there will be a remedy.
Dave and Steve had just been discussing the fact Steve had shagged Kev's bird and Kev had found out. Steve was panicking. Steve said "Jesus Christ, what the fuck am I going to do Dave?" Steve said " I don't know, just let it develop"
by bartonscooter January 31, 2015
A female whom is a fundamental danger to men, shes a shameless hoe will track your cock down and males are powerless in her morally void traction pull.
"Dave, FFS stay away from her, she is going to totally fuck your life up." said Steve.

"I can't, I just can't. Steve she's a total filth bag, she really is." said Dave as he stared in to his pint.

"Dave, she a Jezabel full stop, stay well clear, this hoe is fatal" said Steve
by bartonscooter January 31, 2015
It's a remark you make when you either hear someone (a scratter or total scrubber) say something disgusting or see someone do something deplorable.
Walking down the street Dave turned to look across the street and saw someone having a piss in street in broad daylight , Dave, shaking his head mumbled to him self, he said "Scrub out...."
by bartonscooter January 22, 2015
It means yes okay, but in the main its use is restricted for the use of English posh people certainly when used as a sincere reply.
Liam said "We need to increase sales to 600k, when we get there talk to me again, I will think about it" Lily said "Righto" smiled and walked back into her office ready to increase sales.
by bartonscooter February 04, 2015
when you wonder how it might be to shag a slag
dave admitted he was tempted to give up his frustrating life of moral fibre, faithfullness and trustworthyness and shag anything that would have him, he was bike curious
by bartonscooter November 16, 2009

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