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An unusual word in the sense it is only used in its plural form.
A complimentary term for gifted individuals of exceedingly high intelligence, usually in the creative arts.
Original derivation from critically acclaimed genius pop duo Sparks - brothers Ron and Russel Mael - who were at the forefront of glam rock, synth pop, dance pop and Britpop. They now make uncategorisable music. However, they were less famous for making brilliant music than Ron's Hitler moustache.
"Look at that couple of bright sparks, they're totally deck!"
by barry Smith May 05, 2006
cute euphamism for an ugly girl, probably your girlfriend.
Are you my little monkeybumface?
Yes you are!"
by barry Smith May 05, 2006
A well defined human being. Probably of high intelligence.
"He was pretty high res for someone from that far north"
by barry Smith May 01, 2006
An individual, usually male, who runs the Office IT in a ruthless fashion. For example, he will not let you keep fun jpegs or mpegs on the server for long, and discourages entertaining emails sent to the whole company.
"Oooooooooooohhhh, that network Hitler!"
by barry Smith May 05, 2006
An individual who is not very well defined, a little rough around the edges and usually not very bright. A stranger to symmetry. Or "low resolution".
"That Sebastian from work, he's a sweet guy but he's so low res you can't tell if he's coming or going. And nor can he."
by barry Smith May 01, 2006
Derived from the tribal leader of the celtic Baronimi. A leader or hero amongst barbarians.
"Those lads are a right bunch of thugs, but the one in the blue shirt, he's a real baronimous."
by barry Smith May 01, 2006
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