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a small man with huge cock, the best sex givver
i heard you were dating tino, so... is he a seBAOstian?
by banhbaoking May 19, 2008
King Cock, huge sexy cock
wow did you see that guy?, he's a baonie
by banhbaoking May 18, 2008
the best head ever! similiar to bj but a baoj is much better :]
man i heard that guy james got a baoj yesterday, lucky ass
by banhbaoking May 19, 2008
an awesome fob, who has his own language, though his cock is small he has two cocks
Bon is a bonbao, "you stay?"- bao
by banhbaoking May 19, 2008
love making machine, mr. neverCUM
oh wow... that was amazing you Baolex
by banhbaoking May 19, 2008
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