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3 definitions by bambi1234567

"tell me both sides of the story."
"...and then he spilled his soda all over me, he didn't give me any gas money even though I drove him all the way to Boston, and he didn't even kiss me goodnight!"
"Oh come on, flip me like a flapjack."
"Well, okay, he did pay for my dinner, and the soda was probably an accident. And I did offer to drive him to Boston."
by bambi1234567 May 29, 2009
When you're thirsty and you have to pee at the same time.
Can we stop into that cafe? It's 100 degrees and we've been walking forever, and I think that iced tea is finally hitting me. I need to exchange my water.
by bambi1234567 November 05, 2009
A mani-pedi for a bunny.
"My bunny's nails were getting too long, so I had to give him a bunny mani-pedi."
by bambi1234567 June 26, 2009