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A dildo made of flesh and blood, attached to a person of the male sex.
Mary's vibrator wasn't doing the job, so after dinner, I let her use my organic dildo.
by bam! October 24, 2003
A vagina that has not been trimmed of pubic hair in years. Popular in the late 1960's and early 1970's.
I ate her furrburger last night, and I woke up coughing up hairballs.
by bam! October 24, 2003
The outer folds of skin covering a woman's vaginal lips.
"I scrambled my eggs all over her bacon strips", or "She's fairly experienced, those bacons strips are hanging pretty low"
by bam! October 24, 2003
The process in which two lesbian or bisexual females rub their nude vaginas together to achieve stimulation.
I caught Jessica and Rebecca clashing clams in their dorm room, so I offered them my organic dildo. We all had a good time after that!
by bam! October 24, 2003
to be joked or ridiculed by somebody named Brett.
Yo, you just got yo ass bamified!
by BAM! November 18, 2004
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