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a white man who is tan all the time and constantly walks around without his shirt on to show off how retardedly tan he is. "Tan Akroyd" and "Danny Tanner" are also acceptable forms of this term.
Long arms Steve looks like Tan Marino. All he does is lay on the beach all day, gets tan and tries to lure girls with his tanning oil to come and hang out with him. He's a real creep that guy.
by baits September 10, 2007
the room in your house used for getting wasted, smashing bottles, getting in situations or any other kind of outrageous acts. a room that was made to be be trashed often located in the basement. In the old days, this was referred to as the rumpus room.
Excuse me, I need to use your crazy room, where do you smash your bottles?
by baits September 10, 2007
interesting events, good times. often alluding to sexual situations involving several loose women and beer or just a good time in general. getting outrageous.
Let's go down to the crazy room and get in some situations.
by baits September 10, 2007
mountain dew and jim beam mixed drink served in a martini glass.often topped with an olive and stirred with a used syringe or whatever garbage might be laying around at the time. Native drink to lowlifes and derelicts from the greater Keansburg, New Jersey area.
Those derelicts were drinking Keansburg martinis and spitting them on each other when they got arrested by the Keansburg police for jumping off the floodgates naked. What a bunch of scums.
by baits September 10, 2007
when someone puts bunker fish in your beer.
We were real wasted on bunkweisers, i woke up covered in dead fish.
by baits September 11, 2007
when you are fucking a girl and about to blow your nut and she squeezes your dick real hard so you can't cum. Leads to the kentucky blue balls.
I was boning Mable and right when I went to ice her cake, she gave me the old kentucky blue grasp and my balls exploded.
by baits September 18, 2007

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