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3 definitions by bacon69

When you fist your missus so hard she bleeds.
-Whats that on your arm?
-I was fingering my girl last nite, it got out of control and I ended up with Blood Wrist.
by Bacon69 December 06, 2009
People who look and act gay, like a dick, weak, lame, retarded and live to piss people off.
Also can be used for a group of people
- You look like a member of the Bum Sex Mafia.

- Those clothes are worn by the Bum Sex Mafia.

- You're acting like a dick right now, go join the Bum Sex Mafia.

- Those people are members of the Bum Sex Mafia
by Bacon69 November 22, 2009
A vagina
Im going to put my hand in your Goo Machine
by bacon69 February 06, 2010