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An extremely popular 1960's hippie saying that was made ubiquitously famous by the one-of-a-kind, extremely esoteric and eventually iconic comic strips and books which appeared and evolved from within the exquisitely unique mind of the mad-genius cartoonist R. Crumb. These three simple words of encouragement reinforced the then-prevailing idea that people should be able to feel confident about staying true to their own chosen life path and not allowing the outside world to get them down or force them to change who they wanted to be.
"Whether or not that peace march you're going on does anything to stop the war or not, just remember to keep on truckin'!"
by backinbowl August 30, 2013
a driver who is too lazy to park between the lines and always ends up straddling two spaces.
That guy is such a parking hog I'll bet he even parks in handicapped spaces.
by backinbowl February 07, 2010
Forgetting to zip back up after going to the bathroom in a public place. Often accompanied by a "zipper coma", where you almost NEVER remember to attend to that little matter.
Of all the times to do this, Fred had a zipper slip just before walking up the aisle at his own wedding.
by backinbowl January 15, 2010
A person who carries on cell phone conversations in public places in such a loud voice it's as if they're sure everyone just has to be interested in what they're saying.
Even though I was several aisles away in the supermarket, I couldn't help but hear that mobile mouth as clearly as if he were talking to me.
by backinbowl January 19, 2010
In what might be called a much earlier form of "twerking" (see Urban Dictionary for definition), the more versatile "bump", an extremely popular dance craze of the early 1970's, involved repeated and often continuous partner-to-partner hip contact of several specific varieties: rear to rear, side to side, front to rear (as in the aforementioned twerking), and last but not least. the mutual frontal option consisting of the thrusting of the partners' groin areas against each other in what can perhaps only be described as a sort of "dancing dry hump".
Man, can you believe it; I was doin' the Bump so good with this super hot chick at the party last night that I had to say to her "If we keep this up I won't be able to do anything else later!"
by backinbowl August 30, 2013

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