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5 definitions by babolonfivefanatic

The most evil corporation in the world. They buy back used videogames for less than a dollar and then procede to sell them back at ten times that cost.
Gamestop bought back my Pokemon Silver copy for a dollar and sold it for twenty bucks.
by babolonfivefanatic July 14, 2006
when a woman gives a man oral sex while eating Pop Rox.
my woman last night spiced things up with some pop rox and gave me the super nova.
by babolonfivefanatic October 31, 2006
a girl whose so slutty, shes even willing to fornicate behind the dumpster of a filth ridden McDonalds.
that McSlut gummed me behind that big green dumpster in the McDonald's parking lot.
by babolonfivefanatic November 26, 2006
to break a component into its horizontal and vertical components by means of trigonometry and right triangles.
lets componematize that 40 degree angle right quick.
by babolonfivefanatic November 16, 2006
a kid who is describable as "emo"

i.e. tight jeans, black hair, and cutting.
That Dashboard Confessional sure had alot of scene kids at it.
by babolonfivefanatic March 26, 2007