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circumfencely challenged. someone who doesnt pass from the valletta gate due to huge weight.
Claudette Pace eats so much, that he is obese. Poor guy.
A prison where Maltese teen agers are sent to if they don't pass the necessary o levels. It is located in Naxxar, Malta
Noooo i didnt get maths! I'm gonna be sent to Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary school with that bitch Miceli!
someone with a huge penis
Maltese sylvans are beautiful.
His name is Christian Attard and is definitely not a retard cos he is hot!!!
Annika rapes art teacher.
Used a lot on MSN display pics especially on Annika's
Look! Annika is an evil nurse!
someone named sylvan
omg sylvan is getoff-able.

Used mostly by Annikas
an anorexic maltese singer. opposite of chiara
Omggg ira losco is so slim!!
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