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any time there is a pause in an intense conversation, these words are announced to add a soapy element to life. can break the tension if a fight is omnipresent or can just make the people talking get really pissed off.
Jina: I can't believe you would do that.
Frego: You don't know me at all if you think that!
Jina: Why you, i oughta...
Rhys: Dramatic music!
Frego: F**k off!
Jina: Hahaha!
by b_bop December 10, 2007
what happens when a leg is shoved up your anus.
At school my anus was attacked and I later had a raction.
by b_bop December 10, 2007
a combination of fantastic and plasmic. used to express great excitement or to describe something incredible. can also mean great.
"Did you go to the big concert this weekend?"
"Yeah, it was totally fantasmic!"

"Are you coming to the party?"
"For sure."
by b_bop December 10, 2007
soap opera-esque. something that you would see on daytime TV or in a bad movie.
All that drama today was so soapy. It looked like freaking Days of Our Lives.
by b_bop December 10, 2007
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