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Servings for nonItalian Americans:

noodles and tomatoe sauce with very bland seasonings that will not go against your religion- spegeti

pie' crust drenched in tomatoe sauce, barely any graded mozerella cheese so you can handle it - imitation "pizza" pie

dough rolls with a pinch of seasoning on them and just a touch a garlic - garlec knats

breaded with white man's oils and mozzerella in the middle - mazarela stickss

Get for real we don't care for non Italians.

In Italy - real italian food.
I went to the Olive Gardin the American Italian Restaurant to get some knock off imitation pizza and got constipated.

I went to the American Italian Restaurant and didn't realize the owner just moved here from Italy. The food was filled with so much spices it put me into shock and I forgot who and what I was.
by bAmeriWind8 January 23, 2011
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