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A pick-up line used by old men....
Hey baby - let's play Carnival - you sit on my face and I'll guess your weight!
by B. Hanback October 08, 2009
When someone is talking and is spitting and spraying saliva at you...
Hey, did you see the sick outfit on Sarah?

Yea - I did, and by the way, I asked for The News not the Weather - dude you just soaked me!! get a napkin and wipe me off...
by B. Hanback February 10, 2009
the drool of spit and tobacco running down the chin of a redneck that is chewing tobacco
Bryan was telling us about the whitecaps out on the lake but I could not take my eyes off his redneck waterfall...
by B. Hanback July 30, 2008
Deriving from Motel 6. A favorite motel where you go with a boyfriend or girlfriend simply to have sex.
Me and my girl spent the night at Motel Sex last night because her fat roommate would not leave the dorm and we could not fuck there.
by b. hanback March 08, 2008
when your significant other or date has lettuce or spinach or somthing visible in their teeth
blow me.
fuck you, you have shit in your teeth!

pop that pimple on your nose
fuck you, you have shit in your teeth!
by b. hanback February 16, 2008
Phrase used to describe a woman wearing excess make-up.
Heavily applied make-up including foundation, eyeliner, blush, rouge, and lipstick.
Dude, loved that hostess, but she had a lot of frosting on the cake!

The only problem with cougars is they have way too much frosting on the cake.
by B. Hanback January 26, 2008
phrase used for telling someone that you are not going to do what they are asking today, tomorrow or ever...
babe, gimme a blow job, please!?

Honey, I Ain't Getting On That Bus!

by B. Hanback January 18, 2009

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