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One who burgles ass
God that ass burglar just burgled my ass.
by b-randon September 11, 2003
A big chested girl that just makes you want to bust a nut on her inviting cleavage.
Damn, look at the rack on that booby beth.
by b-randon April 07, 2003
multi functioanl word that can be inserted into any situation where one finds themself at a loss for words. It can be used to convey any human emotion, depending on how you say it.
wow that cran-tangerine juice was Sram

>Did you get accepted to be on Jeopardy?
by b-randon March 31, 2004
white-boy form of nigga invented by brandon roseth/harry stone
What up nukka head!
by B-randon October 05, 2003
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