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A faggit who thinks he is both 2pac and DMX, always trys to copy them, also in a rival with Dr.Dre, 50 cent & G-Unit, Eminem, Obie Trice, D12, DMX, Busta Rhymes, MC Mount B and Mizzle Gizzle for this reason. Also about 7 years ago Ja Rule had an argument with 50 Cent in the club, and his friends stabbed and shot 50 cent
Ja Rule deserves to fuckin die
by B-Mount February 15, 2004
something that has only been done by two NBA legends, Wilt Chamberlin fo Warriors, and Brady Mountford for Warriors.
Brady Mountford got 8659points 34 rebounds 45 assists and 35 blocks, what a performance, thats a quadriple double, warriors flogg the 76ers by 4789375457 points
by B-Mount November 11, 2003
Ja Rules identicle long lost twin
Ja Rule is a faggit ass motha fucker that looks very simular to kermit the frog
by B-Mount March 22, 2004
the greatest number of all time
B-Mount is soooo gangsta his wearin #95
by B-Mount October 21, 2003
a team that sucks but will be good when james and miles get better
wait til cleveland get another good draft pic next year they will be near unstoppable if they keep their stars in a few years
by B-Mount November 11, 2003
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