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Not In My Humble Opinion - A disclaimer that something that you think is news-worthy, interesting or just of value, but you may not totally agree with. The anti IMHO. Can be used as a hash-tag for Twitter type services or simply as a disclaimer on any message.
Check this new piece out - interesting #NIMHO.
by azratek May 08, 2009
TWIWB - The Way It Will Be

A tag that clearly states that you are predicting the way that something will be in the future (or how you wish it would be). A more predictive form of the TWISI (the way I see it) tag.

Can be used as a hash-tag for Twitter type services.
1) By the year 2020, newspapers will be downloaded from the net and read on flexible LCD-type screens. #TWIWB

2) By the year 2020, landfills will be filled with those environmentally-friendly reusable grocery bags. #TWIWB
by azratek May 08, 2009

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