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A very beautiful name with awesome meanings in Vietnamese. For males it can mean handsome and for females it can mean beautiful. All-in-all this name gets bad raps from its English cousin "Dung" which means "poop".

Nevertheless, there are wonderful people out there who keep this name without changing or adding an English name. I truely respect them.
Wow, I didn't know that name meant that!! Now I see Dung in a whole new light.

Gee Dung is really brave. I wonder how many people didn't notice it.

If I have a daughter or son that's the name I will choose.
by azndanaette November 29, 2006
A cute and common name for a Pomeranian. Other versions of Mitzi are Mitzy ,Bermitzfia or just plain Mitz.

The story goes that Mitzi was bought from Beverly. Her dog had recently died and she wanted to replace him. Therefore, Bev, bought a Pomeranian and named her Mitzi. But every time she looked at Mitzi it only made her cry. She wanted to find a new owner. And told the girls at Pet Ranch, where she recently bought the puppy. Everything happened so rapidly. Somehow, Mitzy became owned by the sister of the girl who worked at Pet Ranch. The new owner fell in love with Mitzy, giving her a loving home and a place in her heart forever.
Sorry, Bev, You told me to let you know if I was ever going to give Mitzi away. Well, it's been 3 years and counting.

Dog's name Mitzi and other Pomeranians are usually very loud, when it comes to strangers. They are like mini guard dogs. You can't help but love.
by azndanaette January 30, 2008

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