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verb: to drive recklessly; tires skreech; peel out; drive w/o a destination
"He was skurtin on the game right there doe doe"

"Stop skurtin and perkin"

"Skurt on em mang we gotta hurry"
by aych pee da ghost July 16, 2009
To smoke majiuana (1); have sex (2); or procrastinate (3)

ex. 1: "Nigga lets perk a blunt I wanna burn."
ex. 1b: "Dog that bong is nice lets perkulate"
ex. 2: "I'm funna perk wit dat bitch tonight."
ex. 2b: "Yeah doe doe she was perkin wit a real nigga last night"
ex. 3: "Nigga stop perking we gotta go!"

originated by andrew sinclaire and ej on the game
I was perkin and the examples are shown above
by aych pee da ghost July 16, 2009
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