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Weapon of destruction explained in the anime Gintama. It resembles a very huge penis with two huge balls.
No living man or woman can handle DJ's Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon; it's just that huge.
by Awk-man October 16, 2009
Also known as the DBS. When a girl is just absolutely being one grateful-ass-crack-smoking-heroin-shooting-fucktard and making no sense whatsoever to the world.
Vanessa had the case of the Dumb Bitch Syndrom, so Kyle and Johnny pulled off the double angry pirate on her. She deserved every second of it.
by Awk-man December 02, 2009
Slang term for the perfect dick where once a bitch gets penetrated by it, they end up being addicted to it and keeps coming back for more.
Kyle unleashed Cupid's Arrow on Mika, and now that crazy bitch is stalking his ass.
by Awk-man November 16, 2009
When cupid's harpoon fails.
That bitch rejected him after being penetrated by Cupid's Harpoon. Guess his is now the Failed Harpoon.
by awk-man April 15, 2010
Devious sex move used when you do a standing 69, and after you orgasm, you pile driver your partner.
Ryan pulled off the 69er on Michael and heavily regretted it because the impact of the pile driver made Michael bite Ryan's dick off.
by Awk-man January 14, 2010

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