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A phrase coined by Professor M. George, a woman of many words of wisdom, aka Sensei George, aka The Boss, in reference to a group of approximately twelve dancers who always show up to dance related functions. See other definition for more details.
The Boss: Hello everyone and thank you for coming to Choreolab 2010 audition, behind me sits the Dance Mafia...
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by awesomegal12 March 08, 2011
A group of very close dancers, usually of the modern/ballet persuasion. They are so close because they are constantly in rehearsal and class together. Then, on the weekends they go out and party together. Also, they try to leave each other after rehearsal but they end up standing somewhere outside the studio to talk about the latest gossip. They usually have a bunch of inside jokes that are not actually funny to a normal person. Examples of this might be, "Nice yoga matt, ass hole." or "Oh, Shareen."
Dance Mafia Member #1: Yo, it's Shareen's birthday this weekend, you know what that means?

Dance Mafia Member #2: Dance Mafia Partay!!!!!!
#dance #dancers #mafia #dmv #ballet
by awesomegal12 March 08, 2011
Awkward Eye Contact.

That moment in class or any other public gathering where you have that one second eye contact before both parties flit their eyes in the opposite direction.
Yo, the other day in class me and this dude kept making AEC. It was mad awks, man.
#awkward moment #awkward eye contact #eye contact #eye #contact #awkward
by Awesomegal12 March 08, 2011
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