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change sexual orientation usually by coercion and/or manipulation
Be careful, they'll try and flip you.
by austin the goat February 11, 2005
to literally crush as if a bug by virture of higher placement in the hierarchy, stronger or more numerous skills and/or friends, coordination with same, better funding or more accurate up to date information usually a combination of the above
The US forces stepped on that little problem in Greneda.
by austin the goat February 15, 2005
disassemble into component parts using the most destructive means possible, usually a hammer. Can be physically, psychologically, psychically or both
I'm gonna break you down and throw you away
by austin the goat February 11, 2005
near anamonopia approximating the sound of a cork pulled fresh from the bottle except the context is during the creation of a 'rosebud' on your lady (or gent).
Like the timely clash of cymbals at the symphony, the schloop echoed in the tile bathroom, punctuating the magic moment
by austin the goat February 15, 2005

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