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89 definitions by austin

a gay treat found at Dairy Queen
Paul shoved the "Dilly Bar" up Sean's ass.
by Austin October 06, 2004
Aisia pussy, so fukin tight.
"I can't wait till shore leave to get some fuking poontang"

Couresy of Mr. Garrison from "South Park, Bigger Longer and Uncut"
by Austin March 06, 2004
A person who is sarcastic; a smartass
Shut up about it already, Two-Bit.
by Austin November 27, 2004
Smartass;somebody who always has to get the last word in
We didn't need a sarcastic remark Two-Bit.
by Austin November 16, 2004
man who, after a 2 day binder of heavy drinking, stepped up to his trash can pulpit and gave the famous "jesus was a black man" speech
by austin July 27, 2004
A cigarette which is dipped in Fermaldahyde solution, which when smoked, contains a form of PCP.
wat's the dilly? let's smoke sum illy
by Austin February 14, 2004
Dupe is everything and Dupe is nothing. Dupe is the essence of life. Dupe is dieing cold on the street. Dupe is Ying, but dupe is yang. Dupe is Light, but dupe is Dark.
Man....that shit is dupe.
by Austin August 19, 2004