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1 definition by aussiepridez000

WOG initially stood for Western Oriental Gentlemen, but throughout the years they have become a 'race' in Australia, consisting of people of Greek, Lebanese, Macedonian, etc. background. They like to wear Nike Dri Fit caps, Henleys, Adidas bum bags, Nike TNs, Lonsdale and a many more brands.
Many Australian's dislike wogs for their disruptive and violent behaviour, they like to think they are strong because they fight in gangs and will never fight anyone unless there are more of them then their opponents. They are also too poor to afford iPods so they have to crank up their music through their Nokias while strutting around like tough shits. Most Wogs root for the Bulldogs and think that they have to fight hard to live in this country(which is not true), they also speak with weird accents which are really annoying and use Arabic mixed with English, I.E - You're a fucking sick cunt cuz wallah!'

(Note: A lot of these statements are facts and some are also self opinionated)
Aussie 1: Hey look man! There's some wogs outside trying to start a fight with Dazza!
Aussie 2: Haha! Look at em, they're getting beat up.
Wog 1: SHIT BRUH!Look at tha Aussie let's bash him!
Wog 2: Call the cusins Moey!
Wog 3: I can't cuzz there's no signal! LETS MAKE A BREAK FOR IT CUZ! Cuz I'm really fast cos i got TNs bruh!
-wogs get beat up by the Aussies-

Aussie 1: Hah! Look at em. Can't even fight without their cusins!
Aussie 2: Yeah, and there were 3 of em too.
by aussiepridez000 March 09, 2011