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4 definitions by aussieankie

Long winded, boring, nauseating, uninteresting description of an event or the story of someone's life.
She went on and on about her breakup with Joe. It was difficult to endure the story vomit.
by aussieankie November 25, 2013
You make me feel good.
OMG you are amazing YMMFG!!
by Aussieankie December 10, 2012
NTYSMN, there's nothing left to imagine!!
NTYSMN, lets jump into the pool!!
by Aussieankie January 04, 2013
Something that is so visually disturbing that you can not continue to look at it.
That person's appearance is so disturbing and difficult to look at. It's visual graffiti.
by Aussieankie June 25, 2013