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4 definitions by audreypawdrey

amazing and cool.
not to be confused with suave.
Stephen: Dude, look at my new tattoo
Jem: That's so swave!
by audreypawdrey January 21, 2009
64 17
floats my boat.
tickles my pickle.

you get the idea.
Ariel: do you wanna go to the mall?
Jackie: oh gurl you know it!
Athena: can we bring nanners?
Audrey: that would certainly jingle my dingle.
by audreypawdrey March 08, 2009
9 4
because the "hard" is implied.
ariel: did you see my new default?
audrey: yeahh your hair is like totally pinkish now!
jackie: omgzz it looks so good!
athena: forreals, it's sooo C0R3!
by audreypawdrey February 23, 2009
4 1
when you do something and then pretend it never happened.
audrey: she doesn't need to know this ever happened.
jackie: we're totally pulling a cake!
by audreypawdrey May 25, 2009
2 0