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(sem . ee . fem)

Half of a woman, the other half being a) unattractive, b) negligible, or c) not present.
a) That girl has a nice butt but an ugly face; overall she's a semifem.

b) As the class disected the prostitute, their professor told them to direct their attention only to her top half. He said, "Think of her as a semifem for now."

c) "Chuck, where's that girl's legs?"
"Oh, she's always been a semifem Atticus"
by atticuspej November 27, 2006
cool-sided, from latin frigo (refreshingly cool, abilene) and latus (side, surface)

always in reference to a pillow.

see funch
Atticus funched his pillow to the frigolate side then plowed a hot chick.
by atticuspej November 26, 2006
Sohier - n. The left-facing parenthesis. ( . The first parenthesis to come in a series of parantheses. Smileys can be made with a sohier.
-( sad cyclops
=( sad normy
(= happy normy
(- happy cyclops

all are made with a little sohier.
by atticuspej September 17, 2007
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