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The condition resulting from the lack of affection.
When a relationship goes into "auto pilot" mode and the affection goes by the wayside you can begin to suffer from a condition called "Affection Deficit Disorder".
by atropigal August 09, 2012
Kristen Stewart of "Twilight" the vampire movie series while romantically involved with co-star Robert Pattinson cheats on him with a movie director while working on different film .
Kristen Stewart cheated on co-star vampire Robert Pattinson . That turns her into a tramp vamp !
by atropigal August 01, 2012
Being under "house arrest" because someone belonging to Scientology doesn't want you visible to the public eye.
When Katie Holmes divorced Tom Cruise she finally escaped the "cult vault " he was confining her to.
by atropigal July 15, 2012

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