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the bane of philippine society

airheaded nouveau riche kids who come from a generation of linguistic mongrels and thus their lack of proficiency in both english and tagalog. they mix the two languages and think that "make + tagalog verb" (eg make kulit, make kain, make away, etc.) is an actual grammatical form. they love to brag about new gadgets and think that anyone who doesn't have a camera-phone must be really pathetic.

it's ignorant, baseless, and hurtful to brand ateneans collectively konyo. they can't help it if most of them (but not all) speak good english and you don't (ie not "braggy" whatever that means) . by the way, filipino classes at the university are notoriously tough but challenging. they equip the student with at least above-average skill in the native language. thus, they know better than konyo kids.
konyo kids who think flashy stuff are everything should spend an entire month at the convent to learn what frugality is.
by atenista April 07, 2005

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