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275 definitions by ashley

Some who has a fire in their pants. Usually have the whitest of skin.
Being ashamed of his fire crotch, David Maggio shaves his pubic hair in hopes that it will grow in darker.
by Ashley June 18, 2004
The wanting of more orgasms
s'mores. (wanting more smores)
by Ashley August 28, 2003
obsessed with pink floyd, very emo. Crys to himself alot... enjoys phil collins. Has a fro... kinda scummy.
also, a little bitch. ((whip noise))
" way to be a junge "
by Ashley February 22, 2005
The average female who keeps the spotlight on herself.
Kiera is hogging the attention again
by ashley March 03, 2005
someone who is crazy and completely insane and who likes to kill people with hatchets
me and my friend
by Ashley January 26, 2004
A person who likes to suck the pen0r.
Damn, she an Ida. He ugly as fuck too.
by ashley January 26, 2003
Pretty, little, underage ravers..
People being sick of hippy plur and keeping it real....Its all about the girls in tank tops
Check those plur over there...lets give them some E and see if we can feel them up!!!
by ashley February 27, 2005