5 definitions by ashans_worst_nightmare

my hero, my inpiration, EVERYTHING. Slm Shad is da shit. he deserves so much more respect than others. ya'll motherfuckers who diss him don't respect talent. ya'll just fucking jealose or racsist. can't you motherfuckers look past colour?? or do something "worth your time" rather than wasting your time on hate sites? you moroms need a fucking life!!!
eminem is my inspiration. he is so amazaing and so talented. no one can make you feel emotion as much as him. i love you, man.
by ashans_worst_nightmare July 06, 2004
my buddie buddie fo life. used to describe someone cool, peace lovin, funky, freak. my hero... not really my friend, more like a big sister type of retard who i chillax with. somwone who is on perfect shape, but thinks that their too fat. har.
liso!!! you get yo fat ass over here and bring the ice cream bucket.
by ashans_worst_nightmare July 05, 2004
calla. a pretty, thin, cool, ice firl with a weird ass personality. my buddie fo life!!!
Callio, get me the remote.
by ashans_worst_nightmare June 26, 2004
will. he's white, but cool. he's retarded, but nice. he's cocky, but fun to be around. weird combonation...like christina on viagra. lol
will: my buddie buddie
by ashans_worst_nightmare April 16, 2004
Fif-dee cent, da "d", whatever you wanna call that slut. my angry buddie who probalby don't own any piece of clothing less than fiddy dollas. some rich bitch. i love ya tho, ho.
dee, i'm bored. entertain me!!! har har har. jk. fetch me some candy.
by ashans_worst_nightmare June 26, 2004

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