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The main cause of dispair in most asian teenagers' lives. Here are some major characteristics of asian parents:

1. They still enforce a FUCKING BED TIME for their children, even if they are in high school.

2. They almost never give their children money.

3. Whenever their kid gets a gift or money from someone else, the parents usually gives them to someone else.

4. The only hairstyles allowed for their children are bowl cut and buzz cut.

5. They force their children to do work and chores all day when they just watch asian movie series all day long.

6. The mom often bitch slaps her child when the child did something wrong" ie. spilled a couple of drops of milk on the floor. The dad punches/whacks/shoves intowall until the child starts crying for similar "offenses".

7. Anything lower than an A is considered a failure. If an asian child gets a B or something, he/she expects a beating at home.

8. There is no such thing as a good grade in an asian home.

9. Typical home made asian cuisine is rice, fish, chicken, and vegetables. Except that they are all poorly cooked and taste worse than partially digested milk.

10. If a male asian teenager's parents see him so much as TALKING with a girl, they will accuse him of having sex with her even if he was merely asking her for something like homework.

11. Asian parents often treat their children like they are 5 years old and claim that they do so because they "care" about their children.

12. They usually speak in Engrish.
Examples of asian parents:

1. Dad can I go watch a movie with my friend? It's saturday.

No! It already 10:30! Get to bed NOW!!!

2. Mom can I have $2 for lunch today?

No go earning it yourself.

3. Mom why did you give my gift card away to some random asian dude?

Because you don't are needing it.

4. Dad: I give you haircut now!
Kid: But my hair isn't even long.

Dad: I don't care! You look like girl! Come over here before I take away you TV and compute privalwoeigb *privaleges*awoiwebgio(word to complicated to process)

5. Dad can I go outside for a while? I just finished a whole SAT.

No! Go do another!

6. Self explanatory

7. Kid: Oh fuck I just got an 88 on my math test.

Friend: You're fucked when you get home...

8. Mom can I go hang out with my friends I just got a 100 on my math test!
Why you no get extra credit? Stay home and study so you get extra credit next test.

9. Self explanatory

10. Mom: Who you talking to on phone?

Kid: Nobody
Mom: Let me listen *snatches phone*
Mom: *in phone* HARRO? WHO THIS?
Girl: Ummm... hi
Mom: *hangs up* Why you talk with girl? You get in bed with her?

11. Dad can you please stop peaking into my room?
No. I have to make sure you no using drug or do illegal things.


Put some suntan rotion on you skin so you no get skin cansa!
You must show me compute history every day so i making sure you no looking at irregal web site!
Why you no get 100? When I little kiddie I arways get perfecting test score with extra credit addeding to score!
I hate you! You no never behaving, always thinking about play. Arr you thinks about are eat, sreep, game. Why cannot you act rike the perfected kid that I wanting you to be? You just an razy stupiding kid who cannotingedry act applopliatery and you justing never not no study!!!
by asdfsadfdsfasdsfadfsdafasd August 17, 2009

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