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(Proper Noun) The University of Fucking Nowhere. Used mainly by Junior hockey players who are chasing that ever-elusive scholarship to Division I hockey but are mainly too dumb to get in. Also known to be used by townies and athletes from other sports who are looking to go to school but either have no idea where they will wind up or have simply decided that they are not going to school.
"Hey Scotty, sick game last night bud. Any schools come callin'?"
"Fuck that, man. I'm going to UFN next fall."
by ARunner April 21, 2008
a running race that is half the distance of a marathon, i.e. 13.1 miles
person 1 "Hey I saw you running yesterday! Are you on cross country or something?"
person 2 "Yeah, but we don't race more than a few miles at cross country, I'm training for a half marathon"
person 1 "Wow, that's a lot of running!"
by arunner August 23, 2012

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