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Until Further Notice.
1. UFN, my room is off limits to sexual shenanigans.

2. I'm out of the country, UFN.
by SpudMuffin5 April 06, 2009
An acronym that stands for unidentified fart noise.
Me: Hahaha, yeah that's funn... what the hell? Who the hell farted? Tony: Wasn't me. Alfonso: Shit, me either. Me: Fuck that!! I'm not gonna let it go as a UFN, one of you fuckers did it. Tony: It's a fucking fart, calm the hell down!!!
by Xero _ Manifest November 20, 2010
(Proper Noun) The University of Fucking Nowhere. Used mainly by Junior hockey players who are chasing that ever-elusive scholarship to Division I hockey but are mainly too dumb to get in. Also known to be used by townies and athletes from other sports who are looking to go to school but either have no idea where they will wind up or have simply decided that they are not going to school.
"Hey Scotty, sick game last night bud. Any schools come callin'?"
"Fuck that, man. I'm going to UFN next fall."
by ARunner April 21, 2008
Stands for University Fight Night

A UK mma competition that was first created by Hull University Mixed Martial Arts (HUMMA). The first of which was held in Asylum night club Hull.
"Dude did you see UFN the other week, what a amazing night, can't wait for the next one"
by MMAID February 02, 2015
Untouchable Family of Nesians

Used by East Side Islanders in the Pacific

It is more popular in Brisbane and Toowoomba.
All UFN members are crips
by Bally July 23, 2006
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