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The dialect of American English spoken throughout Western Pennsylvania and it its environs - sometimes referred to as "Pittsburghese." Root - "yinz"

Attributed to Greg Spicer, PhD.
"Do yinz speak yinzonics aroun' here? Nah? Well, yinz are just a bunch a jagz anyways!"
by Arron February 12, 2005
1. An adjective that describes an activity that on an average day would be quite exciting, but for any number of reasons, is boring today.

2. Description of an unexciting partner in bed.
1. Yeah, it's pay day and normally I'd be heading to the Highway Playground to celebrate, but that seems pretty snorgasmic.

2. I thought Jenna, our local pornstar extraordinaire, would be one uninhibited piece of ass, but no, she's uber snorgasmic.
by Arron March 21, 2006
- One who is the pie of a bitch.
- Bob.
- Someone who is stupid or someone elses bitch.
- One who has moronicly stated the obvious.
- "Dude, you are being such a bitchpie!"
- "Bob...you bitchpie."
by Arron March 24, 2004
Absolute t3h s3x to 1337 for you to breathe the same air
t3h absolute s3x0r 1337zor
by arron February 02, 2005
To egg Bret to the point of Negativity per Julie
I egged bret
by Arron February 16, 2004
some fly ass person
hey,that guy was looking toodamnfli
by arron December 02, 2003
a disrectory force which comes from da crack.
this smells, it must be wudge
by arron June 10, 2003

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