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a small shit hole in the middle of Sweden. Sure there is a nice castle in the middle with a moat and stuff, but that is pretty much the extent of the cities coolness.

Mostly there are a bunch of high school kids getting obscenely drunk every weekend and Wednesday (for some reason Wednesday is a big drinking night there).

Since it is Sweden people who are 18 can buy alcohol in bars and clubs, this in turn makes every single club and bar in the city utterly uninhabitable by normal human beings. What you will normally get in the city is a bunch of horny teenagers who are all humping each other at the same time off-beat to the music.

Quite easily, Örebro (it has two dots over the O, but that letter doesn't exist in English) is perhaps one of the few places you would go if you really wanted to get puked on by really ugly drunk girls.
Random-Örebro dude: Hey, Örebro fucking rocks dude, I'm taking all my clothes off for no apparent reason!

Me: Alrighty, you wouldn't happen to know where the nearest train station is so I can get the hell out of here?

Random-Örebro dude: Haha, we have two train stations, I am very confused and will now proceed to intentionally fall into the fucking moat! Woooh!
by arogs December 10, 2010
a fictional story about how the critically acclaimed slender man goes around raping college girls. My girlfriend just said that he was totally not raping them, just taking their virginity. Now she is trying to defend slenderbone. Totally weird and with some smutty lesbian sex scenes in it too.

Yea, it was weird..
"Did you read Slenderbone yet?"
"Totally, not worth it"
by arogs December 22, 2012

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