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The solution to all your computer problems.
<n00b_lol> hey how do i overclock my tcp driver to unlock the gigabit feature in my v.34 modem
<i_heart_rms> install gentoo
by armucat January 06, 2013
The current password for the Encyclopedia Dramatica forums superseding the previous password 'niggers1'.
garrett: we should have known the 1 was a bad choice
garrett: hohoho they won't guess niggers2 though
meepsheep: yeah who adds 2 to the end of a password?
by armucat February 02, 2012
cigarsex is the process of adding cigars, monocles, top hats and other pieces of fanciness to images of people through means of mspaint. It started off as images of babies and has since matured to include any person. It is a meme that originated on encyclopediadramatica forums, aka EDF2: Electric Boogaloo.
Beefrave started a cigar sex thread. EVERYONE POST CIGARSEX.
by armucat December 17, 2012
Somewhat common misspelling of the word pedophile.
primero: Did you see the news? They threw another paedophile in jail.
segundo: You misspelled pedophile.
by armucat August 06, 2011

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