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A shit smear on your asscrack or in your drawers that includes a non-shit chunk. Said chunk can consist of chile seeds, any tree nut, undigested items (including paper, metal and wood), Capt'n Crunch and more. This does not include klingons.
I hate doing laundry because dad always has chumpstains in his underpants.

Dude, I went to eat Erin's pussy and the bitch had a gnar chumpstain! She must wipe from back to front.
by archscientist March 02, 2010
When you are choking some bitch and about the time she turns purple (like that McDonalds douche) you nut off all over her face.
Dude, the bitch had a rape fantasy, but she didn't see it coming when I gave her the drippy grimmace!

Giving a bitch the drippy grimmace is great because I like hearing them gasp for air when I blast nut.
by archscientist March 02, 2010
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