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A previously uncomman name, bought to fame by the band Marillion in the eighties.
'Kayleighs' tend to be a little on the eccentric side with a wild streak that is often hidden by well mannered and often accidental ditziness which makes them lovable and often quoted as being 'lovely'.

'Kayleighs' are very terrotorial over their young and their food. If you try to eat or steal either 'Kayleighs' will often try to eat you in return.
Generally have one disinct feature that makes them noticeable amonst the crowd. Commonly found with eyes the size of a bush baby.
"Kayleigh" is often associated with the words "ditzy", "large eyes", and "lovely". Often all in one sentence.
"You are clearly having a Kayleigh-esque moment" for example trying to do two things at the same time and failing miserably.
by arbadacarba February 15, 2010

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