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Neila is the name of svelte, leggy brunettes who are incredibly intelligent. They are nurturing and loving and have a sharp sense of humor. They are very healthy and care about being well-kempt. Neila's love dogs and reading books. Neila's like nice things and collect things like plates and spend free time with family. Neila's take their nervous energy and use that to knit or to talk to you about something or nothing at all. Mostly Neila will charm you with her brown eyes and her laugh and her ability to liven up any room. She's got a keen eye for fashion and knows how to dress. Neila's sometimes have a temper but you 'd never know it because she's incredibly well-tempered on the outside. She's knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics. Neila's hate golf and only like 5 star hotels. Neila's often doubt their own amazing abilities and become anxious but don't worry, that's only every once in awhile. Neila's are very fair and honest and don't like conflict. Neila might put you ahead of her own needs but that's just because she cares. Neila's always like adventure. if you know a Neila, you know a one of the best people to grace the earth.
You worked that outfit! You're such a Neila!
by ararjoeyjoe July 03, 2011

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