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The best county in the state of Pennsylvania. Also one of the most affluent. Part of the Philadelphia metropolitan area (aka Delaware Valley) Bucks is home to rolling hills, beautiful farmland, cute towns, great shopping, and diversity. Politically liberal. The roads here are much better than other parts of the state. And people drive faster. Usually divided into three parts:

1) Upper Bucks - land of rolling pastures and picturesque villages, quirky places (Haycock Township ;) and the rather large Lake Nockamixon.

2) Central Bucks - the wealthiest part, known for its premier school district of the same name; Doylestown, New Hope (PA's version of Provincetown) and Buckingham are the richest areas

3) Lower Bucks - most urban part that is closest to Philadelphia; lots of racial and economic diversity; Langhorne, Sesame Place and Bensalem are the major attractions w/ tons of commercial development

All in all, an awesome place to live. Sure taxes are a bit high and owning a house is expensive, but generally, people are friendly and welcome change. If your going to move to Pennsylvania, move here!
Lehigh girl: Where did you get that ring from? Its so classy.
Bucks girl: I found it at an adorable antique store in New Hope.

Lehigh girl: Where's that? Wherever you got it from must have been a happenin' place.

Bucks girl: Bucks County, the best county in the Keystone State!
by aquarius32 December 31, 2009
The mecca of malls, located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. "K-O-P", as it is popularly known in the surrounding region, houses the largest collection of retail stores in the United States. It is also home to the only Neiman Marcus store in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. When upscale retailers decide to open a store in the Philadelphia region, King of Prussia is usually the first or second choice. Over the past 50 years, King of Prussia has grown into one of the most prominent edge cities on the East Coast.
Since the town of King of Prussia is virtually indistinguishable from the mall, the people who live there refer to themselves as living in Upper Merion Township to avoid confusion.
by aquarius32 April 12, 2010
The commerical hub of the Main Line. Chock full of banks, pizza shops, classy restaurants, artsy coffee shops, and BMW's, Audi's and Lexus's coursing through Lancaster Avenue at any given time of day. Also home to one of the original IHOP restaurants. Ardmore is a fairly diverse town, and does not have the reputation for being as money-laden as adjacent municipalities such as Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Wynnewood. Suburban Square, one of the first outdoor shopping centers, is located here.
Ardmore attracts the wealthy patrons of the Main Line because of its well-known business district.

Many residents of West Philly shop in Ardmore since Suburban Square is only a stone's throw away from the train platform.
by aquarius32 March 28, 2010
A township that is frequently overlooked and almost unheard of due to its immediate proximity from the sprawling, tourist-attracting King of Prussia Mall. Located north of the filthy rich Lower Merion Township, Upper Merion could perhaps be the best place to live in all of the Delaware Valley since it is relatively affordable, in a good school district and ridiculously close to the largest mall in the country.
The residents of Upper Merion Township are literally surrounded by the most exclusive retail outlets in Pennsylvania and are thus extremely tempted to spend their money without hesitation.
by aquarius32 June 21, 2010
A luxury department store comparable in price and exclusivity to Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York. Most store locations are in either upscale malls or in high-end shopping districts of major cities. Saks Fifth Avenue is often considered to be the highest caliber of department stores, since many of the brands they carry are unique to Saks specifically or are found only in select locations throughout the United States (i.e. Etro, Prada, Jimmy Choo, etc.) Headquartered in New York City, Saks has been featured in numerous print ads and film for decades. It is also one of the oldest department stores in the United States.
Those who shop at Saks Fifth Avenue undoubtedly have a refined pallet for style and also have lots and lots of money to burn.
by aquarius32 June 25, 2010
Land of conspicuous consumption, Italians, dark hair, guidos, aggressive drivers, malls, diners, high property taxes, heavily-accented syllables, jughandles and the infamous Jersey shore. I think that sums it up.
If you want to make sure that your mortgage payment is among the highest in the country, live in New Jersey.

The friendliest people are not found in New Jersey.
by aquarius32 January 01, 2010
A contradictory, unusual, and perverse state in the Northeast characterized by the following:

1. Three parts: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and the conservative oasis
2. Wannabe "metropolitan areas": the Lehigh Valley, Harrisburg, and Scranton-Wilkes Barre
3. Horrible roads that are not only riddled with potholes, but also have the lowest speed limits known to mankind. The horrible drivers make it a packaged deal.
4. Old people. Lots of them. Largest elderly population outside FL and WV
6. Economic disparities. If it weren't for the metro areas outside Pittsburgh and Philly, PA would be at the bottom of the median household income table along with Mississippi and West Virginia.
7. Southern attributes. Pennsylvania is the least Northern state due to the vast amount of conservative, Republican rednecks occupying the greatest majority of land area.
8. Swing state. This is ONLY true because of the Democratic presence outside of Philly and Pittsburgh, that make up the largest percentage of the state's population.
9. Gun-ownership. Nowhere else in the United States will you find more registered NRA members.
13. Economic decay. Many cities in Pennsylvania have lost population and manufacturing bases which attribute to the decline in industrial growth

Overall: Don't live in this state unless your near Philadelphia!
Only Pennsylvania residents refer to their state by its initials.
by aquarius32 December 31, 2009

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