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3 definitions by apple fuzz

the act of smoking anything (usually an illegal substance)
guy1: what yall doin tonite?
guy2: blazin some of dat magic grass...wanna come?
guy1: hellz yea
by apple fuzz May 02, 2006
An extremely expensive/unnecessary music player used to do nothing but play music loud enough to make you go deaf.
girl1: oh my god i left my new iPod at my friends house!
girl2: its ok you can get it later
girl1: you dont understand i cant go anywhere without my iPod
girl2: why? what does it do?
girl1: ...play music
girl2: thats it? its was like $300...doesn't it do something else?
girl1: uhh...no.
by apple fuzz May 01, 2006
-what i can't seem to find, understand, or think of
-that thing guys always seem to want
guy: you know...we can do...it
me: i dont get it
by apple fuzz May 01, 2006