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when you go to mcdonalds and order a hot 'n spicy and a double cheese burger from the dollar menu, you then place the meat of the hot 'n spicy in between the two meats of the double cheeseburger

there are two types: unprotected and protected

protected- where you also place the buns of the hot 'n spicy in between the double cheeseburger

unprotected- without the buns of the hot 'n spicy
someone: "i just had an awesome unprotected McGang Banger"
someone else: "mmm...delcious
by anywayz August 24, 2010
said after you ate something that gave your taste buds an orgasm
(Paul after biting into a granny smith apple)- MMM...DELICIOUS!!
by anywayz February 04, 2010

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