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V, Adj. past tense: Describes an American Football Quarterback who ever throws, underthrows, throws interceptions in the endzones, throws the ball to a lineman, figures out a way to make a forward shovel pass go incomplete. One of his best plays is playing wide receiver when the wildcat offense is run or giving the ball to Jahvid Best. The best play is when he is on the sideline or gets hit so hard he might have to leave the game.
Wow, that quarterback sure Kevin Riley'd tonight. He was 15 for 40 in passing and threw the ball to a lineman who could have very well been the MVP. What an idiot.

We won the game today because our Kevin Riley'd quarterback was injured and Jahvid Best played quarterback for us.
by Anusman2009 October 04, 2009
One of the ways Indians go to work or school. Other possible ways for them to travel is to ride on their pet elephant or camel. Usually magic carpet is expensive and only the wealthy households own a magic carpet. One of the most ideal family in India has two camels for the children, 2 elephants, and magic carpet. Magic carpet is usually used when a family member is late to work/school. Also, since the magic carpet uses curry & naan as its main fuel, there is a problem with curry pollution lately in India.
Conversation of a Typical Indian Family

Son: Mom I'm going to be late to school!

Mom: Anuj, I will give you the right to use the Magic Carpet today!
by Anusman2009 October 07, 2009
too good to be true
she is tgtbt. i bet she has a boyfriend.

this is tgtbt, it must be a dream or something.
by Anusman2009 October 18, 2009
A term referring to a food court on Durant between Telegraph and Bowditch streets in Berkeley. Though the actual name is "Durant Food Court", nobody calls it that because it lacks character. It is home to many Asian or Asian run restaurants and favorite dishes include Kimchi Fried Rice with Spam, Donuts, and a plethora of other foods. Also there is always a black guy playing hella loud music outside. Not to be confused with the Gourmet Ghetto on Berkeley's Northside.
Mark: Yo lets roll to the Asian Ghetto and get some Kimchi Fried Rice with Spam.
Tomo: Sounds good I want some popcorn chicken from Quickly
by Anusman2009 March 05, 2010
Another way of saying Indian. There are two types of Indians (a person originating from the country of India & Native American), so by thing 7-11 Kind Indian, it takes the confusion away.
Police: Yo, my bad I though you were Indian
Rucka Rucka Ali: What kind? The 7-11 Kind? Or the kind of Indian that goes Awawawawawawa.
by Anusman2009 February 04, 2010
When someone is acting like a straight clown, usually by saying stupid things and by acting like whatever they do is funny. This is usually performed by frat boys, or by young kids who think they are cool, and anyone else who is just a clown.
Those fucking guys are straight clownin.
by anusman2009 October 31, 2009
Contrary to popular belief, pig butthole is eaten just like chicken butthole, primarily in Korea and is often served with dog meat.
Asian Kid: And the memorable fact about Kunwoo is that he has eaten pig butthole once or twice.

Korean Girl: WHAT!?! I thought you could only eat Chicken Butthole!!
by Anusman2009 January 28, 2010

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